Inventory Visibility

Gain accurate and scalable inventory views

For an omnichannel order management system to be truly effective, retailers should have accurate and clear visibility of their inventory. It’s really important to know the SKU quantities, where the inventory is stored and the order is located.

Meeting customers’ high expectations that include immediate and seamless service can be hard to meet while trying to execute the right strategy for the operation. For retailers who want to both run their operations effectively and increase sales, Shopi offers real-time inventory visibility solutions to help retailers to gain a clear picture of the entire inventory in real-time to reduce stock problems and increase profitability.

How does Shopi’s Inventory Visibility work?

It helps retailers to gain a clear picture of the entire inventory and manage their inventory in real-time to reduce stock problems, run their operations effectively and increase sales accordingly.

Eliminate Stockouts

Access the real-time visibility of omnichannel inventory anytime and anywhere to make more data-driven decisions, balance your stock level and eliminate stockout/overstock problems.

Access inventory in real-time

Sell the unified inventory from any sales channels; either webshop, stores, or marketplaces, and get the best out of your operation.

Manage entire inventory in a single place

Changes on the fly with the easy-to-use control panel. Make instant changes to the stock level of each sales channel to avoid any possible friction.

Use the entire inventory efficiently by accessing the inventory data in real-time of all locations; a distribution center, warehouse, or physical store.

Set inventory-related rules and let the omnichannel inventory visibility algorithm works based on your business’ operational needs.

Integrate with the existing systems to get accurate inventory information to process it better.

Manage distribution centers or sales channels for fulfillment in seconds and make changes in seconds to avoid stockouts.

See the clear picture of each sales channel’s “available to sell” items at the SKU level and prevent penalties due to wrong data.

AGet detailed and actionable reports for uncertain, damaged, and returned items to have more control over the operation 

Reduce the risk of overselling due to peaks and don’t miss any sales by adjusting future and safety stocks.

Set working days/hours for every location and assign location type for fulfillment to make the sourcing algorithm work seamlessly.

Access the product information in every location and their current situation in the entire operation; total in hand, damaged, canceled, returned and more.

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Increase Sales Volume by Accessing Real-Time Inventory Data

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