Omnichannel POS

Do more, sell more with omnichannel POS

Traditional POS systems are inflexible and require high maintenance costs and it’s also far away from meeting customers’ high expectations. Retailers need to come up with up-to-date solutions in physical stores to maximize customer experience and increase sales volumes to keep up with the competitive retail environment.

Physical spaces are still considered a prior shopping channel, and Shopi’s Omnichannel POS can easily turn stores into profit centers by enabling sales associates to access all customer information and inventory and transact from everywhere in the store. This way, customers don’t face stockout problems and long cashier lines.

Access the accurate inventory of all channels and even if the item is not available physically, checkout the customers’ full order in a single transaction, even if it’s a mixed basket.

Empower your sales associates with all the data they need; customer information, stock availability, and payment. Eliminate long waiting lines by managing multiple baskets simultaneously and never let customers leave the store unsatisfied.

Offer customers multiple payment options right in the aisle and unlock pay-everywhere with tap-on-phone.

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Store Fulfillment

Fulfill with ease and everywhere even in the most complex and busy operations.

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Build and maintain long-lasting relationships with your customers for a more genuine shopping journey.

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Analytics & Reporting

Benefit from deeper visibility into key metrics and more reliable insights into the entire operation.

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Increase Sales Volume by Accessing Real-Time Inventory Data

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