Omnichannel Order Hub
Deliver the Perfect Order for Every Customer
Have one clear picture of your entire inventory with an advanced order management platform that provides real-time visibility into the inventory, order, and fulfillment across the operation. Enable unified commerce capabilities through all channels by creating a seamless cross-channel experience. With the ability to integrate with the existing systems and automated fulfillment capability, accelerate the digital transformation, and meet customer demand anytime and anywhere even in the worst scenarios.

Have full control throughout the order lifecycle

Keep track of any order-related processes as well as the entire inventory from a single point. Monitor and manage each step of the order journey until it’s delivered to the customer and minimize errors by accessing the most accurate data.

Flexible and exceptional order fulfillment

No matter where the inventory is located either in the warehouse or store, fulfill it from the best location with the smart routing algorithm based on defined business rules and deliver the order wherever your customer wants.

Never miss a sales opportunity

Get an up-to-the-minute view of inventory information that’s centralized across all online and offline channels in real-time. Manage and ship the inventory to your customer confidently from anywhere without having to face stock problems.

Unlock cross-channel returns

Run your returns & exchanges processes automated and respond to all complex scenarios. Meet your customer request with various options either they return or exchange the item. Send return requests to the fulfillment app and make decisions within seconds.


Unify and automate all shipment providers you are working with on one dashboard! Access and edit all preferences based on cost, distance, and related variables and track each step of an order journey either from a webshop or marketplace to offer the most cost-effective and convenient delivery experience possible.

Turn your data into value

Track real-time performance data including business-critical KPIs, order levels, revenue, returns, payment types, top customers, top-selling products, and all relevant information to have better insight into your business. Building better strategies is just a click away.

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