Order Management

Make and keep more customer promises

No matter how good you balance your inventory, there is always a need for a well-tracked order to deliver the ”perfect” order and consistently meet customer promises.

With Shopi’s Omnichannel Order Hub, automate and manage all inventory and orders coming from different channels including e-commerce sites, marketplaces, and physical stores on a single platform to deliver the best service your customers ask for. Minimize errors, fulfillment time, and cost, and maximize customer satisfaction by orchestrating orders and routing to the most optimal place based on no-code required business rules.

How does Shopi’s Order Management Work?

It gives full control to retailers for managing orders of the entire operation regardless of where the order is placed and gives flexibility in deciding how to fulfill orders in the most efficient way for the operation.

Manage orders across all channels

Have the entire order lifecycle in a single place of control. Manage orders in real-time across channels and the business, and have a unified dashboard.

Fulfill orders efficiently

Route orders from any sales channel with a smart routing algorithm to reduce fulfillment time & cost while increasing customer satisfaction.

Apply changes on the fly

View a single source of truth for all orders and execute order modification, omnichannel returns & exchanges.

Get access to the most detailed information about an order including the channel it’s placed, fulfillment locations, payment type, and more.

Eliminate complexity and better track orders by unique IDs for all sales channels.

Access real-time status of where the order is located to better inform customers.

Optimize order fulfillment processes according to your business needs/prioritization to reduce delivery costs and time.

Meet complex business and allocation requirements and manage all sales channels with real-time actions.

Get accurate data about all orders of the entire operation to make more reliable future decisions.

Get access to each order that is either in process or delivered and their details.

Monitor order-related reports for damaged, unsupplied, and returned items with a single click.

Make changes on the fly even if the order is in process based on defined preferences and secure the operational changes with authorization.

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