Order Management

Make and keep more customer promises

No matter how good you balance your inventory, there is always a need for a well-tracked order to deliver the ”perfect” order and consistently meet customer promises.

With Shopi’s Omnichannel Order Hub, automate and manage all inventory and orders coming from different channels including e-commerce sites, marketplaces, and physical stores on a single platform to deliver the best service your customers ask for. Minimize errors, fulfillment time, and cost, and maximize customer satisfaction by orchestrating orders and routing to the most optimal place based on no-code required business rules.

Have the entire order lifecycle of all channels at your fingertips. Get the order request just right after it's placed and process it in no time. Easily access the order status to know where the order exactly is and any details necessary.

Route the orders in the most effective way with rule-based prioritization. Apply rules for each of your stores/distribution centers based on distance, stock availability, and capacity criteria easily with a no-code approach. Don’t let your customer leave empty-handed while increasing sales capacity accordingly.

No need to worry if a modification is needed while the order is still in process. Search for the order, access details, and take action on the order during the process to avoid any upcoming customer dissatisfaction and operational inefficiencies accordingly.

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Store Fulfillment

Fulfill with ease and everywhere even in the most complex and busy operations.

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Inventory Visibility

Sell more by accessing accurate and real-time visibility of the entire inventory.

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Returns & Exchanges

Unlock cross-channel returns & exchanges both online and offline.

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Increase Sales Volume by Accessing Real-Time Inventory Data

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