Personalizing the Shopping Experience Through Clienteling 

Not so long ago, when you walked into a store, you were greeted by your first name and the shopkeeper knew the things you used and the brands you preferred. So, he gave you just what you want and at a discounted rate because you visited the shop often.

The result? You came out of the store smiling because you got a personalized experience and felt happy with the interaction with your shopkeeper.

Fast forward a few years. You walked into a huge retail store where no one knew you or spoke to you. No smiles, no greetings! You silently looked at all that was displayed, picked the items you wanted, and walked out of the store. While this was not a bad experience, you obviously didn’t feel great while shopping or walking out!

What is the future like? A digital world that is devoid of personalized experience where users shop on a website instead of a store, with no connection to your brand or your offering?

Not necessarily! You can use technology to bring in personalization to the shop floor and to be more specific you can use a technology that addresses both sales staff and customers to bring back the old way of doing business but in a digital world.  Ladies and gentlemen, please meet Clienteling.

What is Clienteling?

Clienteling is a strategy used by stores to provide a personalized customer experience by gathering customer data including purchasing history, browsing history, and other related actions done on the website or app. This way, the store associates will know your name and your preferences. 

This is a powerful strategy that gives the best of both worlds – a digital interface and a personalized experience. This is sure to bring the smile back on your customers’ faces and helps you to leverage the multitude of benefits that come from it.

Let’s take a brief look at what clienteling can do to your business.

  • Helps to provide a targeted service for your customers
  • Boosts loyalty and more customers are likely to come back.
  • More consumers, leading to more sales and revenue.
  • Promotes up-selling and cross-selling, so your customers actually end up buying more 
  • Happy customers who can relate to your offerings
  • Great brand image
  • Instant data
  • Use of advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, cloud technology, and predictive analysis to make appropriate recommendations to your customers
  • Establishing a long-term relationship with customers
  • Enhancing professionalism among store associates
  • Superior customer service, as employees will be in a better position to answer all the customers’ queries, leading to improved customer experience.
  • Make the best offers to the right consumers

While this is not an exhaustive list, it is sure to give you an idea of the huge potential of clienteling and the big difference it can make for your business.

But the key to enjoying these benefits is to choose the right clienteling tool, as you want the tool to have an intuitive user experience, provide the right data, create a personalized experience for your customers, support mobile checkout, track purchase history, analyze customer data, and more.

With Shopi’s Clienteling solution, you can display your customers’ past purchases, personal preferences, shopping habits, open baskets with a user-friendly interface of customers list. The store associates who have the power of controlling the store and customers provide satisfied service that gives you up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

Also, you can easily classify your VIP customers in the black book for a close up look and inform them about online and in-store campaigns that suit their needs the best.

Long story short, in today’s retail stores providing a personalized experience to customers, is almost impossible without an assisted sales technology. Now with, Shopi Assist, Shopi’s Mpos, and clienteling solution, stores will become online-connected and technology-driven channels where customers can experience fast, easy and seamless  new generation shopping with utmost customer satisfaction  

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