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The modular, API-based, and mobile-first omnichannel retailing platform to increase customer satisfaction and revenue growth.
Order Hub
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Reduce Costs

Thanks to Shopi’s fully automated processes, reduce employee workload, minimize frictions and get tasks done in the most efficient way.

Increase Sales

Never let your customers face stockouts. Access the real-time and available to sell inventory from online and offline channels and fulfill your customers’ wants everywhere.

Deliver Faster

Let the smart algorithm find the best fulfillment location within seconds to bring ease and speed to the entire operation.

What is Shopi ORP
A Complete Solution to Transform Retail
Shopi ORP is an omnichannel retailing platform that offers unified commerce capabilities and brings digital transformation to the entire operation. With in-store mobile applications for sales associates and comprehensive omnichannel dashboard, give what your customers want, anytime, anywhere with maximum efficiency.
Order Management
Have Full Control throughout the Order Lifecycle
Keep track of any order-related processes as well as the entire inventory from a single point. Monitor and manage each step of the order journey until it’s delivered to the customer and minimize errors by accessing the most accurate data.

Omnichannel POS

Next-Generation Omnichannel Point of Sale

Omnichannel POS
Next-Generation Omnichannel
Point of Sale

Don’t let your customers step out of the store without purchasing due to long waiting lines. Browse and sell products that are not readily available in the store stock and enable speedy checkout anywhere in the store.

Turn your sales associates into your greatest assets with mobile point-of-sale to increase sales and maximize customer satisfaction.

Store Fulfillment

Fulfill with Ease.

In no time. Everywhere.

Automate pick, pack, and ship processes and get minute-to-minute notifications for assigned and completed fulfillment tasks. To accelerate each step and better track the operation, Operations app generates QR codes for each process and feeds order statuses in real-time. By offering buy online & pick up in-store (BOPIS), buy online & return in-store (BORIS), increase foot traffic and cross-selling opportunities as well as customer satisfaction.

Shopi helps retailers increase efficiency at all channels


increase in revenue


Sales order / month


increase in store fulfillment


Gain a Competitive Edge With Shopi’s Core Capabilities

Omnichannel POS

Everything from your inventory to customers is connected with the sales associate app. Deliver a friction-free in-store shopping experience everywhere in the store by accessing the real-time available stock, and completing checkout with multiple payment options including tap-on-phone.


Provide a more personalized and genuine shopping experience to your customers. Access detailed information including purchase history, employee notes, and get hints on customer shopping habits. Know your customers better, serve better.

Order Management

Access and manage all orders at all channels from a single place. Get the most accurate order status, keep track of where the order is placed and display all the necessary information about an order.

Real-time Inventory

Get the most accurate inventory data in a single place. Manage the inventory, control stocks on SKU level, turn on/off available to sell inventory, and make these changes in seconds.

Store Fulfillment

Automate fulfillment processes and get any related tasks done in no time with the app at the store associate's hand. Turn your stores into fulfillment centers, notify employees, gain a full speed and minimize errors.

Return & Exchanges

Enable your customers to return orders to wherever they want regardless of the channel they made the purchase. Monitor all the return requests and keep track of the process easily until it’s approved or rejected.

Business Intelligence

Get a clear picture of your operation in real-time and access business-critical KPIs including order level, revenue, returns, payment types, and more just with one click to have better insights into your organization.

“Thanks to Shopi, we eliminated technology and process complexities and minimized IT dependency. With Shopi's Omnichannel Order Hub, we are now able to execute perfect order management which led to improved customer satisfaction at all channels.”
Cihan Adar
Information Technologies Director

Answer Operational Complexity with a Single Platform

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