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While implementing omnichannel technology is a quite success and a game changing movement for the business, it may also be a complex challenge when not planned properly. Our team of experts guide you though these challenges and bring new approaches to your business on critical aspects. We work with your team before and after rollout to ensure your operation achieves success, get desired business results and grow loyalty for your brand.

Dedicated team to your business

Our team knows what to do. We’ve done it before and we are ready to help you with a dedicated team of experts to guide you through best practices from project management to support.

Continuous development

We work closely with your team and pay attention all feedbacks you give to consider it for the future releases. We also continually roll out improvement and enhance the platform to help you better serve to your customers.

Anytime, anywhere support

With a solid system in place, we offer you a continous support before and after roll out. We enable you to reach us anytime when in need and ensure aappropriate actions are taken promptly to solve the occurring problem.

Technical Assessment

Let's dive into systems for an immaculate analysis

We have a dedicated team of experts who will work with you and deeply analyze your operational needs and infrastructural dependencies to ensure smooth system integration and successful onboarding.

Omnichannel readiness

Our product and solution teams work with your functional teams to assess your omnichannel capabilities and pinpoint critical areas that will benefit from digital transformation.

System analysis and solution design

Once the analyses are finalized, our team comes up with a comprehensive integration architecture in order for SHOPI ORP to perfectly fit your existing systems. Following the establishment of the architecture, the solution is designed to create the most optimal and best experience possible for your HQ and storefront teams.

Project management

Let’s get you through a smooth implementation process

After all of the complex scenarios are considered and designed, we work with your teams to start the implementation process and make sure the journey is as seamless as your customer’s shopping journey will be.

Implementation and integration

Our team puts together a well-planned integration roadmap and considers each and every aspect of the roadmap to reduce potential risks that may be faced during the implementation process ensuring a smooth transition for both sides.


You are
ready to go!

We don’t leave your success to chance. Our team ensures all employees are trained, all tests are completed and all teams are ready for a perfect rollout.

User Acceptance Tests

We are ready to experience omnichannel technology solutions in the live environment. Before the rollout, we run tests in the live environment to measure the performance of solutions and services in the pilot areas you choose.


Our team of experts provides each and every user with a training session from store associates to retail decision-makers. We fully support your team of users with video calls, documentation, and educational site visits.


The onboarding is rolled out to the entire operation with our team’s continuous support. We guarantee a smooth transition at all locations eliminating friction and the stress your team may have!

Customer Experience

We are here to help you anytime, anywhere

Our team provides you with ongoing support and expertise after onboarding also equipping you with relevant data as well as reports to help you get to know your operational improvements based on critical KPIs. Your teams and HQ to access our support team to quickly get help about the topic you have trouble with.

Customer Success

Your success is our success. Our customer success team holds periodic meetings with your related departments to ensure progress through determined KPIs and to discuss possible requirements to improve your operation even more. We constantly assess and evaluate your operational success and enrich the platform with new features based on our assessments and your feedback.

Support Services

When issues arise, you want a fast answer. That’s why we are here to help you to solve the problem immediately, make sure that your operation is running smoothly and you’re getting permanent solutions for the issues reported. Our ticketing services and aggressive KPIs for ticket resolution combined with our seamless communication with your operational teams make the support process easy and fully transparent for our customers.

Answer operational complexity with a single platform

We are here to help you. Feel free to contact us.

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