Multi-carrier Shipping

Make faster and smarter shipment decisions among multiple couriers Retailers have little control over their customer’s shipping experience with legacy systems. However, there is a game-changing opportunity in between where retailers hand over orders and courier delivers them to customers.

Shopi’s shipment module optimizes the delivery process by enabling retailers to use the smart algorithm, set rules based on their business preferences, and find the most efficient way to meet orders with customers. Retailers can decide on different strategies regarding the order’s weight, SKU, quantity, and more. No matter how many shipping providers the retailer works with, it’s centralized in a single place of control, making management much easier and friction-free.

Don’t let multiple shipment providers be bottlenecks for the operation. Have access to all different delivery methods of all shipment providers in a single place.

Optimize the shipment process in the most efficient way possible to meet the customer with rule-based prioritization for different parameters; cost, distance, weight, time, etc.

Decide and manage which shipment methods to offer to your customers from different sales channels without needing to follow long processes but with a single click.

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Build and maintain long-lasting relationships with your customers for a more genuine shopping journey.

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Store Fulfillment

Fulfill with ease and everywhere even in the most complex and busy operations.

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Analytics & Reporting

Benefit from deeper visibility into key metrics and more reliable insights into the entire operation.

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Increase Sales Volume by Accessing Real-Time Inventory Data

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