Insights and Commentaries on Retail Technology.

How to Increase Customer Loyalty: High-Quality Omnichannel Data

Retailers have been implementing technologies in almost every step of their organizations to get to have more data to help them run their businesses more efficiently, smoothly, and cost-effectively. However, there are some challenges out of their hands. Even if they acquire technologies to find out the demand, they always need accurate visibility of their […]

“Omnishoppers” are on the rise. How retailers can keep up?

It’s no secret that retailers have focused on enhancing their e-commerce channels as they faced a dramatic shift to online shopping starting especially during the pandemic. Even though it can’t be considered a wrong move, retailers who totally ignored the in-store experience and invested online only to keep up with the trend will actually be […]

3 Reasons Why You Need a Single View of Inventory

Retail processes are already complex enough as retailers should manage the inventory of all sales channels, distribution centers, and warehouses accurately. In order to improve the customer experience and to use the inventory without causing any overstocking and overselling, retailers need real-time visibility of their inventory. It’s nearly impossible to provide a friction-free service when […]

How Retailers Can Provide the Best Service While Maintaining Profitability

Retailers have been adopting smart devices and technologies for their store operations to meet ever-changing customer behavior which has been significantly impacted by the pandemic. The need for rapid change put apparent pressure on retailers as the environment forced them to rethink their online and offline presence and there has been no slowdown of competition […]

Greyder “Omnichannel” Dünyasına Shopi ile Adım Attı

Geniş ürün yelpazesiyle şıklığı ve konforu bir araya getiren Greyder, uzun yıllardır Türkiye’nin en çok tercih edilen ayakkabı markalarından biri. Ayakkabı severlerin tercihlerini önceliklendirerek hazırladığı koleksiyonlarıyla, kendini konumladığı “casual moda” alanındaki başarısını her geçen gün açtığı yeni satış noktaları ile kanıtlamaya devam ediyor. Neden Shopi? Greyder müşteri alışveriş deneyimini en üst seviyeye taşımak ve operasyondaki […]

The Role of Real-Time Visibility for Operational Success

 Advancements in technology and the pandemic have changed the retail environment dramatically and accelerated the digital transformation. People have become more tech-savvy -especially the generation z- and to keep up with the changing customer habits, retailers have to implement the right technology at the right time. 2021 has proven that retailers need to prioritize the […]

Why Omnichannel Order Management is Crucial for Decision-Making Processes

  “Out of stock” – the three most dreaded words in the retail industry. Interestingly, 43% of customers’ shopping preferences were based on in-stock availability, while 31% expected extended stock visibility. This requires a seamlessly running operation and end-to-end control over inventory. Thus, streamlining order and inventory management and technology adoption is steadily gaining importance. […]

The Impact of Mobile Technology on Retail Store Operations

Every retailer envisions the ideal shopping experience to end with customer satisfaction. The picture painted is of a smiling customer entering the store, browsing and selecting products, making the payment, and checking out delighted with the purchase. However, this experience is often plagued with crowded stores, stockouts, inadequate or absent store associates, and perpetually long […]

Omnichannel Order Management: Pain Points and Opportunities Ahead

It’s no surprise that, in the midst of this pandemic, the retail industry is in severe crisis. Retailers’ fortunes have worsened as a result of the global pandemic. Delivering the same customer experience across multiple channels becomes tiresome after a while. As a retailer, half the battle is already won, if the right tools are […]

Leverage Technology for Improved Inventory Management

  Poor inventory management is one of the biggest reasons for inefficiency, negative customer experience, and the resulting loss. This problem becomes more impactful when you’re selling a wide range of products and have only a limited space to store them all.  In such a case, these can be the consequences of poor inventory management: […]

How To Increase ROI Through Omnichannel

The world of retail has seen some major upheavals over the last few years, thanks to the emergence of the Internet, social media, mobile technologies, and now, the COVID-19 pandemic. As people start coming back to stores, there is an overwhelming understanding that everything will never be the same again. During this period, people have […]

What Lessons Learned in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought sweeping changes to the retail world as stores learn to bridge the physical and digital to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers and at the same time, implement some necessary precautions to provide contactless shopping to avoid hygiene concerns. These changes have been possible because of the use of […]